stop the war!

stop the war!

Cassidy Curtis and friends
San Francisco

photos and stories

Stand Gallery
The Art of Protest
(May 9-11, 2003)

Peace March
(March 22, 2003)

Nighttime War Protest
(March 20, 2003)

Global Candlelight Vigil
(March 16, 2003)

Peace march
(March 15, 2003)

Peace march
(February 16, 2003)

Illuminated sign
(November 2, 2002)


specific articles you should read and think about

Iraq on the Record (a database of the Bush administration's lies about Iraq)
Reject Defeatism... Organize! by Stephen R. Shalom and Michael Albert
Bush's Deep Reasons for War on Iraq by Peter Dale Scott
The Real Reasons for the Upcoming War With Iraq by W. Clark
The Coalition of the Willful by Dan Ng

sites worth returning to
United for Peace
Global Exchange
My friend Dan Ng's site
Vote to Impeach

news not filtered by the pentagon-friendly media

The Independent (UK)
The Guardian (UK)
Independent Media Center (US)
Znet/Zmag (US)

other people's photos

Juan Buhler
Jim Home
Marc Herman

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