Don't Like Alphabets?

don't like alphabets?

Human languages are hopelessly inconsistent, needlessly cross-referenced, spindly structures supported by dinosaur bones and duct tape. Every once in a while, it occurs to someone that this is a problem, and that they ought to try to fix it. (Foolish mortals!) In 1668, a Bishop John Wilkins attempted to slough off the redundancy and imprecision of the English language with an invented writing system called Philosophic. His plan was to organize all possible ideas into a single logical hierarchy, and encode that structure in a linear written form. Fortunately for us, he was not successful.

More recently, Timothy Ingen Housz started a similar project called The Elephant's Memory. Imagine the Chinese logograms about ten thousand years ago, only with slick digital graphic design. It's beautiful to look at, and it's got a major advantage over Philosophic in that it's intended to be used by children. It's still a pidgin language at best (it seems impossible to express the nuances of even simple statements like this one) but it stands at least a chance of being creolized if enough kids use it. (If it did, it'd probably be the first creole in history to arise from a wealthy economic class!) Hey, it's just pretty enough, it might work!