These things are related to those things.

You will gasp with delight.

some places I've worked

PDI/DreamWorks (my current employer.)
The University of Washington (GRAIL)
Xaos, Inc. and Xaos Tools
R/Greenberg Associates
Brown University

some stuff I think is pretty cool

Grafica Obscura and the Grafica Obscura Outpost
Jim Woodring
Scott McCloud
Art Crimes

some friends of mine

Ronen Barzel
danah boyd
Andrew Chaikin
John Crouch
Scott Draves
Jeff Dukes
Maggie Hallam
Mykle Hansen
Sonia Harris
John Labovitz
Golan Levin
Drew Olbrich
Rakesh Raju
Sean Redlitz
Eric Rodenbeck (and more Eric Rodenbeck)
Kurt Schaefer
Scott Snibbe

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