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Late one night at a SIGGRAPH party, Juan Buhler and I put together an alphabet of glowing letters using an LED light and his digital camera.

Graffiti Archaeology

Obsessively documenting San Francisco's rich history of street art.

Brazil 2002

Photos from my first trip to Brazil.

The Alphabet's Bastard Children

My obsession with the alphabet, its history, and its future.

Letter-Color Synaesthesia

The colors inside my head, now inside your head!
(Fast-loading, small letters or slow-loading, big letters)


When good language turns bad. Would you be capable of doing untaught things to the love of someone?


Better living through optics!

Burning Man 1999

Photos from my first year in Black Rock City.


It's hard not to draw people when they're really into what they're doing. Here are a few sketches of local jazz musicians.


Some pictures I've snapped in various places: in Chicago, from a plane, on a mountain, and so forth...

Math Art

At Brown, I worked on a few projects with geometer Thomas Banchoff and some other students. We did a lot of mathematical visualization. I wrote a little code, but mostly I drew pictures.

Rubber Stamps

I've been carving them for a few years now.

Algorithmic Horseplay

More fun than running with scissors! Reaction-diffusion textures. Warping with noise. Line integral convolution. Cream in your Coffee? Colored Light Caustics. More to come.


Some people are embarrassed by their baby pictures. I've got something much more incriminating. I just dug these up from a pile of old photos-- some of my first 3D renderings. Yikes!

Against Crap

It's healthy to vent from time to time, right?

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