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Loose and Sketchy Animation

Part of an ongoing project to make computers do things they really shouldn't be allowed to do. It's an abomination!

Computer-Generated Watercolor

My first research project at UW was to try to use computers to simulate the wonderful little details of watercolor painting. The results were published as a paper in SIGGRAPH '97.

Teaching Computer Animation at UW

In 1997 and 1998, I taught a special interdepartmental computer animation course at UW. The course was originally designed by Professor David Salesin and Ronen Barzel of Pixar, with the intention of giving students an experience that closely simulates the reality of computer animation production. A nice article has been written up about it in the Chronicle of Higher Education.


Here are some stills from an animation called Brick-a-Brac, which I made at PDI. Here are some places it's been screened.