Moved to WordPress

Logged in this evening to find my old Movable Type blog had been hacked by phishers, so instead of doing real work, I spent the night porting this blog to WordPress. It’s pretty slick! Hey, if you’re reading this, try and log in and leave a comment, will ya?

5 thoughts on “Moved to WordPress”

  1. Do you find the registration process kind of cumbersome? Or does it seem pretty much normal to you?

  2. Yes, WordPress is the dog’s dangly bits all right, but you do need to update the software. =( – See below –
    I wrote a blog post about GA back in June 2006 ( and I’m writing another now for my Animation Students. The URL’s in the next comment box to avoid being flagged as spam.
    You’ve made some good additions and changes, and I’m glad to see you giving coverage to the UK.
    There’s something you need to address about this blog – please email me and I’ll get right back to you. It’s not something I want to advertise in this public comment box!


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