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Exquisite corpse fold-in pixel art!

I’ve been a fan of Ed Stastny’s work since the early days of the web, when clued me in to the awesome possibilities of massively collaborative, software-guided web art projects. Gridcosm was surprising, disturbing, inspiring, and highly addictive. It was also a big influence on me personally: without that shining example of the weird things a group of total strangers can do together, I may never have come up with the idea to put Graffiti Archaeology on the web.

Now Ed has a wonderful new project in the works, and he needs your help to make it happen. Yono mashes up 8-bit pixel art, the exquisite corpse surrealist parlor game and Mad Magazine’s fold-ins. It picks up where Gridcosm left off, but it takes full advantage of the magical powers of today’s Internet: it will come with its own pixel art painting tool, and will be designed to work on pretty much any device, so the barriers to participation will be far lower, meaning everyone can play.

He’s offering some very cool thank-you gifts on his Kickstarter, and there are only 9 days left! So if this is something you’d like to support, jump in and help, will you?

In Brainbows


Somebody had to do this, and it might as well be me:

Radiohead album + mouse neurons = mashup goodness!

I’ve been digging this album for a couple of weeks now, and it has left its share of fluorescent traces in my little brain. But the download came without any official cover art, so all the fans were left to make up their own. (There are some really nice ones if you follow that link, although this one‘s my personal fave.) When some Harvard and MIT neuroscientists released a paper about color-coding neurons in transgenic mice, this seemed like the obvious and perfect use of their pictures. Enjoy! (Back cover art after the jump).

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