A major milestone


Looks like they’ve gotten started on marketing for the movie I’m working on. And they’re using some of my animation in a bunch of the promo materials. This is it, man, I’ve made the big time! Forget about feature films. Projected celluloid is so old-media. Animated GIFs are where it’s at! I won’t hurt your eyes by posting ’em on the front page though. Click below for the full effect.

Here they are in all their glory… the frame rate isn’t quite right, and these are just individual characters lifted out of a longer shot, so they don’t loop correctly either. But they were nice enough to turn off the motion blur, so you can actually see the poses. This was literally the first shot I animated on this movie, so it feels like ancient history by now. If you’re in the mood for a critique, feel free to pick apart what you see here!

3 thoughts on “A major milestone”

  1. Hey Cassidy!
    I can’t wait to see Mad 2! I absolutely love the trailer and shots I had a chance to see during the FMX in Stuttgart. It’s going to rock! I saw Kung Fu Panda last week, and I had a blast too! Superb work!


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