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  1. Hi Cassidy,
    i’m a producer of a brazilian TV show, Encontro com Fátima Bernardes. We would like to show your ‘How to make a Baby’ video. Is it possible for you to write me an e-mail?
    thank you in advance,
    Patrícia Kappen

  2. Hello! I really like your blog! and your work! I am an animation student at Cal State Fullerton, and I am doing a report on character animator Kevin Koch, whom also worked on Shrek 2. Do you know him or have you worked with him? I’ve been trying to contact him for an interview, and if you have any comments on working with him (if you have) they would make a wonderful addition to my report! thank you!

  3. Hi Cassidy,

    Big fan of your pregnancy time lapse :) …really creative and adorable! I’m trying to create something similar but not sure what software tools to go with. I understand that you used AE for some fixups. If you don’t mind, what software tool did you use to put together the images to form the actual video?
    1.) I’ve tried Windows Movie Maker, but it looks buggy for some reason – adds weird transitions into some of the images in the strip (show just showed up with boundaries) :( .
    2.) I’ve played around with LRT plugging for Lightroom and it’s good for a single speed play – it does not allow variable time (for instance to wait on a single picture longer).

    …any help here would be appreciated!.

    1. Thanks, I’m glad you liked it!

      Yes, AfterEffects was the tool I used to assemble the individual frames (JPG images straight out of my digital camera) into a rough version of the video. If I recall correctly, it has the ability to read in a sequence of images as if it were a movie. To pick and choose which frames happened in which order and for how long, I used the time-remapping feature, setting a key on every frame to get exact control. I imagine you could do something similar in any other pro-level video editing software, like Premiere, or Final Cut Pro. I wouldn’t want to try it in any software written for the general consumer though. For example, it would have been painful to the point of impossible for me to do it all in iMovie. (I’ve never used Windows Movie Maker so I couldn’t comment on that…)

      An even cruder way to do this would be to just copy and rename your images so that they have the timing you want. So, if the first image needs to be held for 8 frames, make eight copies and name them “IMG-0001.jpg”, “IMG-0002.jpg”, etc. But obviously that’s a last resort solution.

      Hope this is helpful!

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