Panoramic Timelapse!


Too cool for words: an interactive, panoramic timelapse video of a massive art installation in Amsterdam. Give it a minute or two to start loading; it’ll be worth your wait!

The interface is clever and compact: you see the entire panorama at the bottom, and an expanded view through a sort of window at the top. (The only part I don’t like is the position-based pan control, which makes me feel like I’m balanced precariously on a giant rubber ball in a swimming pool full of molasses. Give me things I can grab and drag, please! Hint hint: here’s a perfectly good rectangle just below! ;-)

What you see through the window is just as cool: the week-long construction process of a roomful of art, time-stretched and -compressed as necessary to highlight the most interesting moments. There’s so much going on that you’ll want to rewind and watch it multiple times. I particularly liked the big green-and-red letters spelling “POINT”, which start out whole and are gradually cut down from the bottom, so they appear to be sinking into the floor. It almost seems like that artist was performing in slow-motion for the camera. If so, they deserve a standing ovation. Bravo!

(via Wooster Collective.)