Prime factorization sweater

Certified math nut Sondra Eklund has made an awesome sweater. Before you read her explanation, take a look at it and see if you can figure out how it works.

Of course, the synesthete in me says her color choices are all wrong. But she’s coloring a different animal here (primes, not numerals) so there’s no real way to be “right”. Regardless, I want this as a T-shirt!

(via MetaFilter)

2 thoughts on “Prime factorization sweater”

  1. I love this! You know, I’ve been wondering ever since I made the sweater if people with synesthesia would be driven crazy by it. So I’m very happy to know you still like it. I’m curious: Do you see a prime number like 37 as having its own color, or does it combine the colors for 3 and 7?

  2. Hey, thanks for dropping by!

    I would love to have a unique color for every whole number (and I’ve heard of some math savants who do) but for me, it’s only the digits 0-9 that have colors. Numbers 10 and above are just combos of their individual digits’ colors. And they don’t really blend the way letters do in words. A phone number, for example, is just a pattern of separate colors to me.

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