A homegrown telestereoscope

Once in a while I get a random email from someone interested in checking out the Telestereoscope. If they’re local, I usually direct them to the CuriOdyssey museum, where we have a small one installed. But lately I’ve been encouraging anyone who’s interested to try building one for themselves. Our first prototype cost just a few dollars in materials, and can be put together in minutes. (Calibrating it takes a bit longer, but the process is educational, and ultimately quite rewarding.)

Here’s a working telestereoscope built by Will Rogers. He used metal C-clamps and some very interestingly shaped mirrors (maybe reclaimed from an old car?) giving his version a really distinctive style. I love it!

spozbo's telestereoscope

2 thoughts on “A homegrown telestereoscope”

  1. Glad you like it!! Just so you know, we bought a $1 handmirror, which had a little pocket mirror that came with it. I accidentally cracked a corner off of the bigger mirror, which fortunately made a little more room for the C-clamp to slip go in. Also on instagram I found this guy’s photo, and I like his even more: http://instagram.com/p/ft2UQWL7t-/

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