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See us on the big screen, if you’re so disposed.


Good news: our short film, How to Make a Baby, is heading for the silver screen! It will be in the competitive shorts program at the wonderfully named Disposable Film Festival. The big event is Thursday, March 4th at 8pm at San Francisco’s Roxie Theater. Sure, you’ve seen it on the internet. But the Roxie’s screen is, like, a million feet wide! How big is your screen? You can buy tickets in advance if you like, and there’s a party next door after the screening. Come hang out with us and all the other disposables!

How to Make a Baby

How to Make a Baby from Cassidy Curtis on Vimeo.

Having a kid is such a memorable experience, but it’s kind of hard to convey to folks who haven’t been through it. So we made this little educational film to show you how it’s done. (Don’t worry, it’s totally worksafe!)

For a bigger version, and some behind the scenes details, see How to Make a “How to Make a Baby”.

Lunar Eclipse

I was lucky enough to catch part of the lunar eclipse tonight from outside my office in Redwood City, California. This is a time-lapse video made from a series of photos taken with my DSLR camera. The night was partly cloudy, which made for some interesting effects as the moon whisked past layers of clouds. I stabilized the moon in the center by hand (poorly, I’m afraid, but I ran out of time) using After Effects.

Music, appropriately, by Sun Kil Moon.

High-quality 720×480 Quicktime version here.


Mosaico from Cassidy Curtis on Vimeo.

Timelapse video of Raquel making a mosaic tabletop for an old wrought-iron end table she had kicking around the house. I helped a little with the “tile nipper” tool. Frame rate: one 1.3-second exposure every 5 seconds. Music: “Jongo” by João Pernambuco (aka João Teixeira Guimarães), performed by Baden Powell.

Originally shot and edited in 2007, remastered for HD in 2014.

Farm Fight!

Click here to download full-res Quicktime (720×480, 20MB)

A rousing game of Carcassonne played at lightning speed, while the boys play Rescue Rangers in the background. Starring Andy James, Elliott, Finn, and myself. Location: Vashon Island, Washington. Shot, as usual, on a Canon DSLR, at a rate of 10 seconds per frame. Video edited using Quicktime Pro and iMovie. (This is my first time using iMovie, and I now understand what Lorelei meant when she said it was “like editing with a big crayon.”)

Panoramic Timelapse!


Too cool for words: an interactive, panoramic timelapse video of a massive art installation in Amsterdam. Give it a minute or two to start loading; it’ll be worth your wait!

The interface is clever and compact: you see the entire panorama at the bottom, and an expanded view through a sort of window at the top. (The only part I don’t like is the position-based pan control, which makes me feel like I’m balanced precariously on a giant rubber ball in a swimming pool full of molasses. Give me things I can grab and drag, please! Hint hint: here’s a perfectly good rectangle just below! ;-)

What you see through the window is just as cool: the week-long construction process of a roomful of art, time-stretched and -compressed as necessary to highlight the most interesting moments. There’s so much going on that you’ll want to rewind and watch it multiple times. I particularly liked the big green-and-red letters spelling “POINT”, which start out whole and are gradually cut down from the bottom, so they appear to be sinking into the floor. It almost seems like that artist was performing in slow-motion for the camera. If so, they deserve a standing ovation. Bravo!

(via Wooster Collective.)

To Science!

Eric and Nikki hosted their first Science Salon at Stamen Design. The guests were astrophysicists Jonathan Arons & Claire Max, who told us fascinating stories about black holes, the shape of space, and the life of stars. Great food and great people rounded out the evening. Here’s an instant replay for those who missed it. (The timelapse didn’t come out quite as exciting as I’d hoped… next time I’ll bring a taller tripod, and, I dunno, some lasers or something to spice it up a bit! ;-)